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Top of the Rock view of Central Park
Click the image on the left for some impressions, somewhat geographically oriented, on New York City and a little bit of New York State.
The Wave, Southwest USA 2005
After rediscovering the beauties of the Southwest USA on a 2005 road trip around the "Grand Circle", I went back for more in 2006. While even a total of almost two months is not enough to experience all this area has to offer, I did get some truly lasting and memorable impressions of probably one of the most beautiful regions on the planet as I traveld around Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Thankfully, some of the 5000+ pictures I took actually almost do the sights justice...
This recent addition to the gallery is a photographic report on an extended weekend I spent in Budapest, Hungary after a four day business trip took me there.
Click for an impression of this interesting eastern european city, with photo credit going to A. Marx.
This part of the gallery is a photographic report on the motorcycle trip to the Nordkapp that Dave, Dominik and myself (right to left) took in July of 2003.
Click for a collection of pictures, videos and information on our 7500km journey through Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden to Europes' northern most point.
Jens, myself and the GE90 at the Paris Air Show '99
Click for some more pictures of the main aerospace exhibition of 1999.
Leah, Dominik and Me
Leah, Dominik and myself in Atlanta in November '99
Click the picture for more pictures of my fall of '99 US vacation with Dominik.
Liquid Memory
A promo picture of my prog-band "Liquid Memory". Click for some assorted pictures of my friends, my bands and other stuff...

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