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Hungary Budapest, Hungary
April 29th - May 1st 2005

Google Map: [Budapest]
Castle and Castle Hill
First stop: Climbing Gellert Hill. Reward: Nice views, here of the Royal Palace situated on Castle Hill (Varhegy)
View of downtown Budapest, with the prominent 96m dome of the Basilica
Freedom monument
Freedom monument on Gellert Hill, to mark Hungary's liberation from fascism
Another view of downtown Budapest from Gellert Hill, featuring the 96m high dome of parliament building
Inner City Parish Church and Elisabeth Bridge
The Inner City Parish Church and Elisabeth Bridge, which we crossed to get from the Pest to the Buda side and climb up Gellert Hill
Axel and Sissi
After lunch on Gellert Hill and a brisk walk back down we were on our way towards Castle Hill, passing by this memorial for Sissi
Glimpse of Castle Hill
A glimpse of Castle Hill through an alley
Cable car
A popular mode of transport to reach the castle is this cable car...
Cable car
...which we photographed before walking up the hill.
Chain bridge
Looking down from Castle Hill at the Chain Bridge, Budapest's oldest bridge
The parliament building as seen from Castle Hill
Clouds shadowing the parliament building, as seen from Castle Hill
Elisabeth and Liberty Bridges
Elisabeth and Liberty Bridges from a vantage point on Castle Hill
The Holy Trinity Column in front of Matthias Church
The Holy Trinity Column in front of Mathias Church on Castle Hill
Matthews Cathedral
Mathias Church
Matthews Cathedral
More of the Mathias Church
Monument in front of the Fishermans Bastion
A monument to St. Stephen in front of the Fisherman's Bastion
A view of parliament (again), this time from Fisherman's Bastion
Margaret Island and Bridge
Looking down on Margaret Island and Margaret Bridge form Fisherman's Bastion
Reflections of Matthias Church
Reflections of Mathias Church (in the golden windows of an expensive hotel)
Roof of Matthias Church
Intricate and beautiful details of the roof of Mathias Church
Reflections of Fishermans Bastion
Reflections of Fisherman's Bastion
Fishermans Bastion
Fisherman's Bastion
Matthias Church
And more of Mathias Church
Matthias Church
You guessed it, Mathias Church
Maria Magdalene Church
Partially reconstructed ruins of Maria Magdalene Church, mostly destroyed in WWII bombings
Roof details
Again some very nice roof details, here in the northern part of Castle Hill
'Maria Magdalene Church
Tourist in the ruins of Maria Magdalene Church
Maria Magdalene Church
Reconstructed window frame of Maria Magdalene Church, situated at the northern end of Castle Hill
Walking along the western edge of Castle Hill, another glimpse of the Mathias Church through an alley
The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace
Turul Statue
Turul Statue, a mythical Hungarian eagle
Crossing the river Danube via the Chain Bridge
After Castle Hill we crossed the river Danube back to the Pest side via the Chain Bridge
Decorations of the Elisabeth Bridge
Elisabeth Bridge, all decked out for festivities planned for May 1st
Matthias Church at night
After an excellent and plentiful dinner in a neighborhood restaurant we did a little walking along the Danube river: Mathias Church illuminated
Night-time illumination of the Royal Palace
Night-time illumination of the Royal Palace, with a snippet of the parliament building on the left
Elisabeth Bridge at night
Elisabeth Bridge at night
Tram line alon the Danube river
The next morning we returned to the Buda side, this time via the Margaret Bridge. There, a tram line runs along the river
Church roof
Another church with a nice roof
Turul Statue
Turul Statue, as seen from the foot of Castle Hill
We continued south along the river, passing by Castle Hill again.
Marschalko-Lion at the Chain Bridge
The tongue-less Marschalko-Lion at the Chain Bridge, which was closed for party preparations
Marschalko-Lion at the Chain Bridge
Marschalko-Lion at the Chain Bridge
A boater with a sense of humor
A boater with a sense of humor (and a great marketing instinct)
Chain Bridge and parliament
Chain Bridge and the parliament building
Gellert Statue
Looking up at Gellert Statue, situated half way up Gellert Hill
Looking back at the Royal Palace form Elisabeth Bridge
Back to the Pest-side via Elisabeth Bridge with a view of the Royal Palace
Matthias Church and Fishermans Bastion
View of Mathias Church and Fisherman's Bastion from Elisabeth Bridge
Central Market Hall
Hungarian meat specialities - for those so inclined ;-) - in the impressive Central Market Hall
Coffee break
A short break from walking at a cafe outside of the Central Market Hall, to recoup energy and write postcards
Europe's largest Synagogue is found in Budapest's Kiraly Utca
The Basilica
The Basilica of St.-Stephen, Budapest's largest church with a dome height of 96m
Statues decorating the Basilica
Statues decorating the Basilica
Budapest Opera
Walking up the up-scale Andrassy Ut: Budapest's opera building, decorated with statues of important composers
Further along Andrassy Ut: Interesting architecture marking a less pleasant topic, a Terror-Museum
Subway station along the M1-line
A subway station along the M1-line, which runs below Andrassy Ut
Heroes Square (Hosok tere)
Andrassy Ut ends at Heroes Square (Hosok tere), which was built in 1896 to celebrate the millennium of the Hungarian conquest of the Carparthian Basin.
Archangel Gabriel
Perched atop a 36-metre high column is a winged figure of the Archangel Gabriel
Hosok tere
Behind the column are two semi-circular colonnades...
Andras II (1205-1235)
... housing the statues of the most famous rulers in Hungarian history
Google Map: [Budapest]

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