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The aerospace section of my site features a turbofan directory, a small section on computational fluid dynamics and a list of aerospace related links.

Turbofan Directory
The Turbofan Directory is the result of some research on the proliferation of higher-bypass turbofans I did for my diploma thesis on engine-airframe integration. I got a little carried away and amassed quite a bit of data, more than I was able to use for my thesis. So I decided I'd post it here. It is far from complete and I have included mostly those engines for which I had multiple sources so as to be reasonably certain of the numbers. I'll try to add to and improve this table in the future.

Turbofan Analysis
Based on data from an initial selection of powerplants contained in the Turbofan Directory some general trends and dependancies of various design parameters and performance figures are plotted and discussed.

Diploma Thesis
A short abstract of my diploma thesis conducted at the German Aerospace Research Center (DLR) in Braunschweig, Germany.

My section on computational fluid dynamics, which features a quasi-1D flow solver for inviscid nozzle flows and a 2D Euler flow-solver.

Aerospace Links
A collection of links to the sites of airframers, aero-engine companies, research institutions and academia, news and information sources and some sites on the BWB.

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