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To further my understanding of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and the underlying mathematical and physical concepts I have spent a bit of time developing my own little aerodynamic codes. Not only has this helped me in gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of what goes into developing and coding a useful CFD solver, but has also allowed me to better judge and interpret the results these tools provide from an engineering perspective.
Starting with a fairly simple quasi-1D finite-difference code to analyze nozzle flows I've since moved on to developing a structured 2D finite volume solver. Details on both can be found below.

A finite-difference flow solver using MacCormacks technique for the simulation of nozzle flows in subsonic, transonic and supersonic regimes.

2DE is the follow-on to my old TunnelFlo2D code. It's the logical development into a more general 2D structured single-block grid flow solver. It can be used to model 2D subsonic, transonic and supersonic interior and exterior aerodynamic flows.

A small selection of the many excellent CFD links available on the web.
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