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USA Southeast USA 1999
Florida, Georgia and Louisiana

Boeing 737NG flight to Miami
Flight from EWR to MIA on a Continental Boeing 737-700
Meet the driver: Dominik
Meet my friend, fellow mechanical engineer and the driver for this trip: Dominik
Hangin in South Beach
Enjoying the Sunshine State on Miami's South Beach
Cigar in Miami
No better way to follow up a nice dinner in Miami than with a cigar - at least Dominik enjoyed it
On pur way north we visited Kennedy Space Center. Here's the Space Shuttle Vehicle Assembly Building (SSVAB)
Pad 39A/B
In the distance launch pad 39A/B, start of over a hundred shuttle missions
West Palm Beach
Looks like West Palm Beach is a nice place to live...
Cruising on Daytona Beach (obviously off-season)
Mandatory, even off season: Cruising on Daytona Beach
Domi in Savannah
Dominik getting some shade in Savannah, Georgia
A view of Savannah harbor
Old town
Fabulous day in the village of ...
Remnants of a spanish castillo
Domi at Castillo
Dominik guarding the castillo
Meeting Leah in Atlanta
Our gracious host Leah in our midst in Atlanta
Atlanta's Olympic Fountain
The Olympic Fountain in the heart of Atlanta
New Orleans Street
One of the many beautiful street scenes in New Orleans' Vieux Carree
Villa in New Orleans Garden District
I believe this is Trent Reznors' villa in NO's Garden District
The Mississippi river god
Mississippi River God - I mean the statue
Americas Oldest Church
Inside America's oldest church in NO
Cannon firing at Fort
A cannon firing at Old Fort Jackson in Georgia
Alligator enjoying the Everglades
Most famous of the wildlife population in the Everglades
The bridges out to Key West
Beautiful view of the bridges leading to Key West
Feline resident of the Hemingway Estate'
Hemingways' Mansion in Key West now hosts dozens of cats and at least as many tourists
Sunset over Key Biscayne
Last evening and sunset in Miami before the trip back to school

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