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Norway Nordkapp 2003
Norway, Sweden and a little Denmark and Finland too

Campsite with a view Nordkapp Fjords Glacier
Nordkapp 2003
Lofoten morning Reindeer at Hammerfest Midnight sun Crystal lake

Spread through a few galleries and a road log here are impressions from a motorcycle trip to the Nordkapp two friends and myself took in July of 2003. I'm the one on the left in the picture above, standing next to my gold Suzuki GSX-F600. In the middle, next to his red Honda VFR is Dominik, a friend of mine from university. The third member of the group on the right, flown in all the way from NY for the trip, is Dave, who rode a gray BMW GS. We spent three weeks between July 5th and the 24th riding a total of 7500km (8732 Honda-km or ~1.05*8732 BMW-km for Dom and Dave) up to continental Europes' northern most point and back. Along the way we saw a bit of Denmark, lots of spectacular Norway, a few minutes worth of Finland and again plenty of Sweden. While the best way to see this truly beautiful part of the world is going there yourself, preferably on two wheels, these pictures - taken by Dominik, Dave and myself - do give a good idea of the many wonderful things to see in Scandinavia.

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