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Norway Nordkapp 2003
Gallery 1

Planned routing in reverse
Planned routing in reverse order
Arrival by ferry in Larvik, Norway
D2: Panorama view from the ferry as we pull in to Larvik, Norway. Dave snapping away on the left there.
Ferry to Larvik
D2: On the ferry from Fredrickshavn, Denmark to Larvik, Norway
Approaching Larvik
D3: First impressions of Norway as we pull into Larvik harbor
Approaching Larvik
D3: First impressions of Norway as we pull into Larvik harbor
D3: Oslo
Hamar ice skating rink
D3: The viking-ship-like-venue for ice skating for the Lillehammer Olympic Winter Games in Hamar
Glomma river
D4: The Glomma river, which runs along the E3 highway, here just north of Koppang
Hunting trophies
D4: On our way to breakfast via a side road, a proud display of hunting trophies on a barn
D4: A nice little waterfall under the E3 on our way to Trondheim
Impressions of Trondheim
D4: Impressions of Trondheim
Cathedral in Trondheim
D4: The cathedral in Trondheim
First fjords
D5: Even though it rained that day, the first views of the fjords along route 17 were still quite breathtaking...
Fishing boat
D5: One man fishing boat in the fjords
View from Route 17
D5: Panorama view off route 17 on our first day in fjord-land.
No sun, still pretty
D5: Like I said, still pretty under the clouds
Prime real estate camping
D5: Campsite with a view...
The hole in the mountain: Torghatten
D6: Torghatten: square hole in the mountain
View from Torghatten
D6: Another spectacular view from the top of Torghatten
Group shot on Torghatten
D6: Walking up Torghatten in leathers and boots was warm, but worth it
Route 17 view
D6: Typical view along route 17
D6: Many pretty bridges in Norway, here the Helgelandbrua near Sandnessjoen
D6: Waterfall
Long and cold tunnel
D6: One of several long and cold tunnels
Campsite on a fjord
D7: At this campsite just north of the arctic circle Dominik thought it a good idea to take a dip in this fjord
Fjord fish farm
D7: Many of the fjords host fish farms
Bikes at a vista point
D7: Mandatory bike shot - with some scenery in the background :-)
View from our campsite in Foroy
D7: Panorama view from our campsite in Foroy, Norway. This is the one Dominik talked me into swimming in.

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