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Norway Nordkapp 2003
Gallery 2

D7: Glacier
Twisty road with a view
D7: Fun and twisty road with a view. Dilemma: Enjoy riding or the scenery?
Ferry to the Lofoten
D7: Leaving Bodoe on a ferry headed for Moskenes on the Lofoten
D7: Approaching the Lofoten Islands
Southern Lofoten islands
D7: Posing at the southern most tip of the Lofoten islands
Southern Lofoten islands
D7: Rocky southern most cliffs of the Lofoten islands
Dusk on a Lofoten street
D7: Evening ride on the Lofoten islands
Midnight sun
D8: Viewing the midnight sun form our campsite on the Lofotens
Night-time north of the arctic circle
D8: It won't get much darker at night than this for a while...
Mists and clouds on a Lofoten morning
D8: Mists and clouds roll over the mountains early in the morning
Lush greenery on the Lofotens
D8: Lush greenery on the Lofotens
Ferry wake
D8: Looking at the boats wake on one of the 10+ ferry rides on the trip
Last photo before dinner
D8: Quick photo before dinner and riding on fumes to a campsite pretty high in the mountains
Waiting for another ferry
D9: Waiting in line for yet another ferry ride across a fjord
D9: Bridge and charcteristc church in Tromsoe
D9: Look, it's Santa!
Sun and clouds
D9: Good eye, Dominik! Beautiful interaction of sun and clouds
Elk crossing!
D9: Personal experience: These elk crossing signs are pretty accurate!
Snow in July
D9: There's still some snow left in July!
Sea-level glacier
D9: One of the few glaciers still reaching down to sea-level
Bikers and glacier
D9: The three of us and the glacier
Twisty road
D10: Twisty road ahead! :-)
Reindeer like roads
D10: Reindeer populations increase up north - and they like chilling on the roads
Cultural event in Alta
D10: Did a little culture on the trip: Viewed ancient rock-carvings in the Alta museum
Rock carvings
D10: Carvings of ancient vikings, reindeer and elk discovered near Alta
Reindeer on road
D10: On the way to Hammerfest, reindeer once again trot along the roads
D10: Nice picture of a reindeer scared away from its' place of drinking by Dominik
Dave at Hammerfest
D10: Dave taking a picture of the scenery from a cliff towering over Hammerfest
View from a cliff over Hammerfest
D10: Looking out over Hammerfest from a cliff above this northern most city.
Polar bear club
D10: You can join the famous Polar Bear Club here in Hammerfest
Hammerfest cliff
D10: Hammerfest is the "northern-most city in the world"
Breakfast by the bear
D11: Having breakfast at a gas station in Hammerfest
Reindeer in tunnels
D11: Reindeer getting some shade in tunnel entrance on the road to the cape

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