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Norway Nordkapp 2003
Gallery 3

Getting there aint free
D11: It ain't free to get all the way up north. Toll booth for the tunnel to the northern islands
The Nordkapp
D11: We've reached 71 10' 21'' - Nordkapp!
Dom at Nordkapp
D11: Dominiks' excellent planning paid off, entitling him to this solo portrait n front of the globe
The real north cape
D11: A view of the true northern-most point of continental europe
Three up north
D11: The three of us at the goal of our journey
Gaellivare station
D14: First morning in Sweden in Gaellivare, a mining town with an old wooden train station
D14: View from Dundret mointain over Gaellivare and Sweden (and some flowers)
D14: Many dams line the river along route 45 in Sweden
Arctic circle
D14: Just south of Jokkmokk we cross the arctic circle again
D14: Our home for most of Sweden, route 45, one of Swedens Inlandsvaegen
First sunset
D14: Our first sunset in a while viewed from our campsite at Storuman
Gravel detour
D15: To Daves' and his GSs dismay, Dom and myself vetoed this scenic detour over gravel roads...
D15: Plenty of scenic lakes to be photographed, this one near Storuman
50k, baby!
D15: 50k, baby! Had to pull over for that number on the odometer
Suzi and I
D15: Me and my Suzi celebrtaing 50.000km - 28.000 of which we did together!
Dave and Dom chilling
D15: While some of us were out keeping fit, others were enjoying cigars and beer. At least the former keeps the bugs away!
Oestersund bridge
D16: 1.5km bridge in Oestersund - good place to run
Bike line-up
D16: Rare orderly parking of the bikes at the Oestersund campsite
Places to sleep and flee to
D16: Our three week place to sleep and refuge from the bugs
View from the tent
D16: View from the tent at Oestersund
D16: Skitrails in the summer
Reindeer at ski lodge
D16: Reindeer at deserted ski-lodge
D16: View of a little river by a (paved and twisty) detour road...
Dom resting
D16: Dominik resting by a river
Crystal waters and dam
D16: Crystal clear waters and hydro-electric power
Serene, aint it?
D16: More crystal clear waters - very serene...
Mora camping
D16: Setting up camp in Mora
Breakfast at Mora
D17: Dave and Dominik having a rare campsite breakfast in Mora
What tread?
D17: 5000+km: Tread? What tread?
Uppsala palace gardens
D17: The gardens behind Uppsalas' castle
Uppsala university
D17: Main buidling of Uppsalas' university
Statoil: Feeds bikes and bikers
D18: Statoil in Bromma - Gas for the bikes and breakfast for the bikers
Stockholm concert hall and market
D18: Concert hall and market in Stockholm
D18: Home of Swedens' parliament in Stockholm
Shell and Winerpecans
D19: Shell in Vaestervik - Finally a new source of Wienerpecans for breakfast!!! Just in time for Doms birthday too!
D19: Our beloved breakfast and coffee-break treat - the fabulous Wienerpecan!

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