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Miscellaneous Snapshots

Some members of Entropy playing an out-of-character gig at a castle on the Hudson in NY: Claude, myself and Doug, who's hiding our drummer Warren
Aachen from the air
An aerial view of my alma mater Aachen, where I spent almost five years
Sister and me
"Vintage" picture of my sister and myself having a nice evening at her place in Astoria
I also did pop-rock, here with Legacy: Sebastian (git), Christian (key), Dennis (drm), Martin (voc) and yours truly on the low end
Liquid Memory
Promo pic of my prog-band Liquid Memory: Christian (voc), Ardian (git), David (drm), Albert (key) and myself (bas).
Blue Moon
The first very succesful gig with my Blues/Rock-outfit Blue Moon in Aachen: Max on keys, me on da bass, blocking drummer Mischa. To my left would be Max on guitars and our singer Michael
Bass Collective
Graduating class 1998 of the Certificate program at John Pattitucci's Bass Collective in NYC
Summer in the city
Summer '04 in the city with my sis: View from Brooklyn
Summer in the city
I successfully completed my first marathon on 10/23/2005 - and came real close to my target time of 4 hours, so I'm happy!
One of the places business took me in 2004 was the greek island of Crete: Some research institutions get a better view out of their office window then others I guess...

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