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Paris Air Show 1999
LeBourget, France

Google Map: [Le Bourget]
Boeing 717-200 in taxi
The smallest member of the Boeing family, the 717-200, taxies back form its' flight demo
Gulf Air A330-200
A Gulf Air Airbus A320-200 demonstrating the kind of flying it won't be doing in revenue service
Airbus A300-600ST "Beluga" in taxi
Beluga Interior
Cavernous hold of the Beluga
Beluga flying
The Beluga amazes with its' manouverability during its' flight demo
An-70 props
The unique counter-rotating props of Antonovs' An-70 transporter
LockMart C130J
Also in the aerial display was Lockhedd-Martins' C-130J, recognizable by its' 6-bladed props
The Antonov An-124 nears the end of its' aerial display
Antonov An-124 on finals
Mockup of the Bell-Agusta BA609 civil tilt-rotor
Mockup of the Boeing-Sikorskt RAH-66 Comanche helicopter
Before it was the Typhoon and before its' full flight envelope was cleared, the Eurofighter was still impressive in flight
More military hardware, the SAAB 340 as an AEW&C platform for Ericssons' Erieye
Another one of the unique Burt Rutan designs, the Proteus
Bombardier GX
Bombardiers' sleek Global Express biz-jet
Google Map: [Le Bourget]

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